Our History



Agrifreda S.A. has been established on 2000 from Mr John Siniosoglou and specializes in the manufactoring sector processing frozen fruits ,vegetables and confectionery

• In 2002 Agrifreda S.A.build their own facilities over an area of 50,000 square meters , of wich 20,000 square meters are units of production , freezing and storage and is 30,000 sqaure meters of biological cleaner (sewage )

•In 2003 Agrifreda S.A. has completed a new production site properly comfigured for the production of cakes and sweets and managed to be the top five companies , as a production unit qualified staff and new equipment in Greece

• In 2009 Agrifreda S.A. complited the vertical plant vegtables growing vegetables starting from the field to the standardization ,packaging and distribution to the final comsumer

• In 2014 the first branch-office is founded exclusively with freezing products in the region of Kria Vris by vertical unit production of fruits and vegetables

• In 2015 the Pralina production starts using the ball mill grinding technology wich produce products with almost non detectable iron traces into the cholocate spread

• In 2015 the second branch-office is founded of bottling water unique in the whole of Greece , due to its high content in magnesium